young robot lover (midniteblog) wrote in indie_on_air,
young robot lover

overlooked! 2004!

hey kids. tired of seeing the same albums on everyones best of lists? i know this is a little late...but here are some great albums from 2004 that wernt on enough peoples' lists:

menomena: i am the fun blame monster (insanely tallented musicians and their take on indie rock)
efterklang: tripper (beautiful and experimental)
ghinzu: blow (these belgians will blow you away. honest indie rock.)
s: puking and crying (sort of emo/electronic rock)
max richter: the blue notebooks (decent avant classical)
u.s.e: the united states of electronica (just awesome dance music)
havergal: elettricita (if you like modest mouse...)
dungen: ta det lugnt (if foreign languages turn you on...)
six organs of admittance: school of the flower (beautiful mellow guitars, etc)
william shatner: has been (mag-ni-fi-cence)
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